Why Casas&Reformas

After more than 500 projects carried out, renovation, rehabilitation and new construction, we will state that our experience and knowledge are the basis of the excellence in the delivery of our projects.

For customers, the most important thing is communication and trust; Therefore, Casas & Reformas maintain continuous contact during the execution phase, both in the design, choice of materials and quality control of the works in the project to be executed according to the needs of each client.

We speak Swedish, English, Finnish, German, French and of course Spanish.

Quality Policy

CASAS Y REFORMAS 2012, S.L. It is an organization dedicated to construction, both in the branch of building and reforms.

Following the philosophy of continuous improvement Casas & Reformas has opted to manage the company through a system based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standards whose objective is the quality of the services provided. Through this document, the Company publishes its quality policy, encompassed within the strategy of the organization, providing the necessary resources to obtain the following objectives:

  • Configure and provide the structure of the Organization in the documentary, technical, productive and administrative aspects to ensure compliment with the needs of customers, in all our products and services.
  • Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and other requirements that the organization may subscribe.
  • To guide the activity of the Organization to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, through personalized treatment according to their needs.
  • Get the participation and involvement of all the Organization’s personnel in the fulfilment and development of the Integral Management System.
  • Ensure that the commitment to continuous improvement is clearly understood and assumed by all employees, as an essential way to ensure the competitiveness of the company providing maximum satisfaction to customer.
  • Increase and improve internal communication to optimize coordination between people and departments. This quality policy is mandatory for all employees in CASAS Y REFORMAS 2012, S.L.

The Management of CASAS Y REFORMAS 2012, S.L.  will annually review the management policy to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate, propose viable objectives and goals to deploy this policy and constantly improving the implemented Management System.