Our Team

Asse Rosenius, CEO and Founder/Owner

CEO and founder of Casas & Reformas, born in Lappland, Northern Finland, with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, began working very young in his home country in various sectors, but his spirit of adventure led him to live in countries such as Portugal and the US until he decided to live on the Costa del Sol, in love with the climate, the culture and the mentality of the people.

As a visionary and entrepreneur, he started creating the company since more than 15 years ago and consolidated it over the last 6 years as a company with growth initiatives. Not only deliver what the customer wants, but he pleases them by giving more than they expected, an effect that is achieved when he identifies how to improve products and services. This is develop excellence.

His humility and closeness to the staff is outstanding. Consider everyone as a team. He spends his free time on sports and enjoys nature to get away from the noise and tries to share as much time as possible with the family.

Sergio Guillen, Technical Architect, Responsible for the Technical Department

Sergio has gone through all the fields of the construction process, from a family subcontractor to the management of large projects, which gives him a very broad perspective.

In Casas & Reformas, he combines his two professional passions, building and business creation and management.

Silverio Garcia, Technical Architect, project supervisor

Silverio has been with us for 4 years. Dynamic and decisive technician with extensive experience in all types of building works and villas. Organized, professionalism are his hallmarks. His great passions are cooking and gardening giving him relax and enjoy.

Angel Sosa, Technical Architect, project supervisor

After a period of 4 years in Germany, he introduces the philosophy of methodical and perfectionist work in Casas & Reformas. Sociable, energetic and committed to his projects. Addicted to sports, friends and passionate about discovering the world. His phrase: “Your attitude is the key that opens or closes the doors of your destiny”

Leopoldo Bailen, Technical Architect, Department of Study, project planning

Lover of Architecture and design. Committed to the building process since 2012, he has had the opportunity to develop several residential and commercial projects, thanks to which he reaffirmed his passion for the sector. Creative, empathic and detailed.

Marta Garcia, Technical Architect, Department of Study, project planning

One of our latest additions. After a while in the world of telecommunications, she comes to Casas & Reformas to continue her true vocation. Marta is a responsible and committed person. Always willing to use new tools that expedite work, achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

Rain Telk, Building Site Manager

Since the beginning of Casas & Reformation he has been one of Asses trusted people. They have worked together for more than 15 years. Decisive, careful, helpful and with great experience in the sector. He loves to practice sports, nature and cycling.

Sebastian Gonzalez, Building Site Manager

Great person with great confidence in the work team at Casa & Reformas, with a profile from the old school and a long history in the sector which really characterizes him. Family father melting for his grandchildren.

Sonia Suárez, Responsible for the Marketing Department

She has just landed at Casas & Reformas after living during the last 2 years in Australia and England to finish her training. She recognizes that she loves new challenges and when she is passionate about something, she puts all her energy into it. Creative, decisive and energetic. Her great passion is dance, travel and practice yoga to keep mind and body in balance.

Demelza Mateos, Responsible for the Economy /Administration Department

Together with Asse and Sergio they are the engine of the company. United they have evolved and boosted the growth of Casas & Reformas. Proactive, practical and productive. Passionate about sports and with the mind always on her next trip, she recognizes that she couldn’t live without music and always in constant search for happiness.

 Gema Moreno, Administration Department

She is our great support in the Administration department. Persevering, organized and always with that great smile that characterizes her. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with all her nephews and teaching swimming. Her phrase: “Focus and live the present.”